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Chlorine is my cologne

Stingray pools

About Stingray Pools

At Stingray Pools, we aim to provide the best pool cleaning & pool maintenance services possible to leave the customer with an amazing experience. Our team of pool experts works 48 weeks out of the year to ensure that when you are ready to enjoy your pool you can do so.

Auburndale, FL

Est. 2023

Our Pool Services

We offer a variety of services such as weekly pool maintenance, green pool cleanups and repairs.
We also do installs!
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About Us

There is no project that is too big or too small for our team. At Stingray Pools, we aim to provide you with the best service and ensure that you and your needs always come first.  We work 48 weeks out of the 52 weeks in a year to ensure customer satisfaction 

Stingray Pools


green pool clean-up service by stingray pools

Green Pool Clean-Up

Stingray Pools has the solution to get any algae problem taken care of. We know the struggles that you can have identifying, treating and removing algae. During the hottest months algae can be a very big problem for swimming pool owners. With the higher temperatures during these months, as well as inconsistency in a pool’s sanitizer levels, algae can take over in no time. Algae is a single-celled plant form. It utilizes the process of photosynthesis to manufacture its own food and comes in very wide variety of colors and forms making it adaptable to almost any condition. Due to algae’s microscopic size, it takes literally millions of these plants to accumulate to be noticed by the naked eye! By that time it may be too late and very costly to correct. As we tell all our customers: This best way to eliminate algae is through prevention! Don’t hesitate to call us to get started bringing you pool back to a safe and enjoyable environment.


Pool Cleaning

Our FULL-SERVICE package, we aim to ensure your pool/spa is spotless from top to bottom. Skim pool surface, netting leaves, and debris. Brush pool steps, seats, and walls as needed. Leaf and debris removal. Vacuum for small debris as needed. Inspect Equipment for proper operation.

Chemicals Only

With our CHEMICAL SERVICE it gives you peace of mind knowing that your family is swimming in a safe aquatic environment. Let us take care of the weekly testing and chemical adjustments of your pool/spa.

Chemicals Only We add chlorine or salt depending on the pool as well as monitor the water chemistry. In doing so, we maintain the pH balance as well as the total alkalinity of your pool, and the stabilizer ensuring that it is both safe and clean.

Cody Jann

Our pool has never seen so much care & attention. From the minute Caleb touched the pool deck the water has sparkled clean. He pays attention to every detail. We love the email reports of each cleaning, and knowing the pool is clear to swim in after treatments.

Rob & Stephanie Hoskins

C-020687 Licensed and Insured

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